//DNA Therapy Neck Massage Therapy Device

DNA Therapy Neck Massage Therapy Device


SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR NECK SKIN Our device is elegantly shaped in dolphin tail form and its ergonomic designed is focused on your neck’s skin care. Apart from the neck, the massage head is also appropriate for shoulders and other parts of the body. Increase your skin care product’s effectiveness on all proper body parts. EASY USE, EASY CARE Easy to hold and operate singlehandedly, you can use the neck care tool by Ms. W effortlessly. It will remain operational anywhere since it’s easily powered via USB cable. Care for it by simply cleaning it with a damp cloth and keeping it in a cool and dry place. INTELLIGENT TIMING Easily time your massaging routine so as not to exhaust your skin. Our device will remind you are 60 seconds so you can adjust the massage time for a beauty routine of appropriate duration.

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3 MASSAGING MODES Select 1 of the 3 massaging modes of different vibration strength and skin care benefits. Energize your skin and maximize its absorbing powers, increase blood circulation, eliminate edema and wrinkles, magnetic light therapy help relaxing the neck line muscles and firming the skin, resulting smoother and silkier skin. HIGHLY PORTABLE Our device is compact and weighs only 67g, making it really easy to pack it in your cosmetics bag and carry it anywhere. Don’t leave your skin care at home when you travel, continue your beauty treatments wherever you go. Features: •3 modes •Adjustable timing •Easy use •Portable Package Included: 1 x Neck therapy device 1 x Operation instruction


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